Money Manager and Expenses Tracker


With MONEE expense management is easy
on smartphone and tablet iOS and Android

An App for personal and family accounting
easy and complete


Everything you need for expense management from your smartphone or tablet

Without advertising!

Say goodbye to sophisticated software for family finances and
torn notebooks for personal accounting.



Set your goals

Set a budget for each expense category.
MONEE will advise if you're getting too close to the budget.


Track any expenses on the fly

Tracking incomes, payments or transfers is a matter of moments.
Take a photo of a receipt and it is done!


See into the future!

Insert incomes or payments occurring next week or the next month.
Thanks to reports and forecasts it's easy to see into the future!

Fast and detailed tracking

Track any transanction in seconds

You can detail any transaction with:
category, contact, account, payment type, description, tag, attachment.

Attach a photo or an invoice document to get the perfect track of a transaction.



Graphs and reports to analyze data

Many many ways to analyze expenses and incomes


Set a budget for each category and set limits for accounts. MONEE will advise you in case your balance exceeds limits!

Analyze your expenses in a blink of an eye with all reports you can get from MONEE.

Pie charts and bar charts of historical series allow to have your balance under control.




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Free version


Everything for an easy management:

Incomes, expenses,transfers AttachmentsCategoriesBudgetCurrencies (€, $, £, etc.) ContactsRemindsReport limited to 3 monthsSecurity PIN

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Pro version

4,99 Euro (in-app purchase)

For the full features

On the top of Free versions features: Banks, cash, credit cards
(unlimited accounts)
Recurring transactionsBackup on DropboxReport for unlimited periodsCSV Export and many other features coming

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Your money always under control.... without any fear

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